Free Windows 10 Apps

At Designatek we are regularly asked the simple question:

"So I have installed Windows on my machine, what do I do next?"

Which is why we decided to create this page as a step-by-step guide to not only getting windows up and running as it should be, but also some useful apps to improve your windows experience

Windows Updates

Windows Updates have to be done, so the quicker you can get it out of the way the better.

Open Start ⇒ Click on the Settings Icon   ⇒ Update & Security ⇒ Windows Updates

Microsoft visual C++ redistributables

Find Microsoft visual C++ redistributables all-in-one here

Direct X

Find Direct X here

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Find Adobe Acrobat Reader DC here


Find WinRAR here

Google Chrome

Find Google Chrome here

Find here

Ryzen Master

Find here

MSI Afterburner

Find MSI Afterburner here

Keep Passwords Secure

Find Enpass here


Find myTube here

Spotify Music

Find Spotify Music here

VLC Player

Find VLC Player here


Find VLC Player here