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Technical Parameters: 

Model - 3000VA

Input Voltage Range - 145-280 +5VAC

Input Frequency - 50Hz

Voltage - 175VAC 

Output Voltage - 220VAC +10%

Frequency Range - 50HZ+1HZ

Transfer Time - <6ms

Waveform - Pure sine wave

Battery Type & Quantity - 12V7.2AH*4

Battery Standby Time - About 7 minutes(half load)

Battery Charging Time - 4 hours to 90% of full capacity

LED Indicators - AC mode - load level,battery capacity

LED Indicators - Battery mode - Battery capacity

Audible Alarm -Battery mode - Alarm beeps every six seconds

Audible Alarm -Low Battery - Alarm beeps every second

Audible Alarm -Overload - Alarm beeps every 0.5 second (Alarm beeps twice every second)

Audible Alarm -Fault - Alarm beeps continuously

Overload Protection (AC mode) - Overload protection and circuit breaker

Overload Protection (Battery Mode) - Circuit breaker

Comprehensive Protection - Overload, deep discharge and over-charge protection

Environment and Humidity - 10%-90%

Dimensions - 405X144X213mm

*The initial value of the new battery will change with the working

environment and discharge frequency.