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Utilize the full potential of your SATA III controller, with an M.2 SSD reducing your data transfer bottleneck with file transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps. M.2 SSDs can also save you money by reducing your power consumption over regular platter drives.

M.2 NGFF to SATA3 MSATA to SATA 2 in 1 Adapter Card Enclosure

1. 2.5" SATA SSD shell appearance size: 98 * 65.5MM

2. M.2 (NGFF) & mSATA to SATAIII module

3. Mini PCI-e 52pin public seat

4. M.2 (NGFF) B key public

5. Green LED indicates SSD power-on status

6. Red LED indicates SSD action status

7. When M.2 and mSATA SSD are installed at the same time, the M.2 SSD will be detected first, and the mSATA SSD will not operate.


1. Support SATA Reversion 3.2

2. Compatible with PCI Express M.2 Spec.Version 1.0

3. PWM synchronous buck converter power IC

4. Providing a maximum current of 3 amps

5. Short circuit protection

6. Instantaneous surge current protection

7. Electrostatic protection HBM (Human Body Mode) / 2KV