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360 Degree Al Tracking Gimbal

  • Product Model : JS008
  • Load : 800g
  • Net Weight : 270g (include lithium-ion battery)
  • Product Size : 118*67mm
  • Phone Size acceptable : <7.0"
  • Mechanical Angle : Horizontal 350°
  • Working Angle : 6H
  • Power Supply Mode: USB+lithium-ion battery
  • Input Voltage: 5V 1A
  • Compatible to Android & IOS Systems iOS: ios10.0
  • Usage Scenario
  • There are two scenario: one is put on the desk, the other is put on tripod
  • There is no need for other settings if you to use it on desk
  • If you need to use tripod , please put tripod into tripod base and turn the base to tight
  • Turn on /off
  • This device has built in battery , we advise you to charge it for 6 hours before use it
  • Open the mobile holder, put your mobile (tablet) to adjust the holder
  • Hold the power button for 5 seconds, it will turn on, the indicator lamp will blink and the device will rotate one circle
  • If you need to turn off , please hold the power button 5 seconds again
  • How to use
  • Make sure the holder is tighten your mobile (tablet) before starting it , it will start tracking human face (body)
  • The best distance to use is 1-5 meters
  • About indicator lamp
  • There are 3 different mode of indicator lamp means different status of battery
  • The RED indicator lamp is off means the battery is full
  • The RED indicator lamp is blinking rapidly means battery low, need to charge the battery
  • The RED indicator lamp is blinking slowly means under charging
  • Note
  • Built -  in battery inside, do not put it in high temperature (over 50°C) or humidity environment
  • Use hand to rotate gimbal is not allowed
  • It can only track one human face (body) it is not recommended to use it when there are two or more people
  • Please charge the device in time when the indicator lamp is blinking red and make sure the adapter is 5V1A ( or 5V2A)
  • To avoid the device working wrong

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