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R 14,999.00
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Kool Energy 1.5KVA Trolley with 2 X 100AH1.5Kva Inverter Refurbished


Product Specification

Its Ready to Use and Comes with two Plug Points so You Can Plug in Your Appliances
You Can also Plug the Unit into an AC Outlet to Charge the Battery
No Installations
Zero Installation Costs on Top of the Already Budget-friendly Price Make the Kool Energy Unit a Must-have
Run Your Essentials
With the Portability you are Able to Run any Critical Appliance While Under Load-shedding
Easy to Store
You Won’t Need to Worry About Where you will Store it When it is not in use because of its Compact Size
Solar COnnection
If you do like to Charge the Battery using Solar Power there is a Connection Point for this

  • The Kool Energy Compact Size makes it Portable which is ideal if you need to Move it Around the House or Office
  • An Excellent Performance UPS Inverter System with MCU Intelligent Control Technology
  • It has a Wide Range of Aloads Due to Pure Sinewave Output Format
  • With Overcharge and Over Discharge Protection which Protects Battery Life it also Features LCD and LED Screens for Ease of Operation
  • The UPS Inverter Has an Optional Function to charge by Supply for Easy Configuration

Kool Product Datasheet

  • Battery Voltage 24V
  • Rated Output 1500W
  • Inbuilt Battery Specification 100Ah/12V
  • Output Voltage 220V AC
  • Output Wave form - Pure Sinewave
  • Charge Voltage 35v-150v
  • Rated Charge Current MPPT 30A
  • Voltage of Overcharge Protection 28.4V