The Raidmax 120mm Addressable RGB Triple Fan Pack features a 3-in-1 pack of fans to keep your PC cool during the most intense gaming sessions. It features a 120mm fan that can pump air at about 1200 rpm allowing your PC temps to drop the more fans you add. This ARGB fan shows its reliability by featuring a life cycle of about 20 000 hours. It comes with addressable RGB lighting which allows you to express yourself through colour depending on your mood. It is also compatible with many different board lighting technologies like MSI Mystic Light, RGB Fusion 2.0, Asus Aura Sync and Razer Chroma, so you can customize the colours through various compatible software.

3-in-1 Fan Pack
120mm ARGB fans
Addressable RGB lighting
1200 RPM±10% Fan Speed
20 000 hours MTTF
Mystic Light, RGB Fusion 2.0, Asus Aura Sync and Razer Chroma compatible
Colour: Black
Fan Speed: 1200 RPM ±10%
Noise Level: 20.9 dBA
Air Flow: 25.5 CFM
Air Pressure: 0.65 mm H2O
Fan Rated Voltage: 12V
Fan Rated Current: 0.15A
LED Type: Addressable RGB
LED Rated Voltage: 5V
LED Rated Current: 0.32A
Bearing Type: Dynamic Hydraulic Bearing
Fan Connector: 3 Pin / Molex 4 Pin
Addressable RGB Connector: 3 Pin
MTTF: 20 000 hours
Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 2.5 cm (Single fan)


SKU: DES0000082