While it's fair to say that LCD technology has completely revolutionized the monitor industry, there's also the often overlooked fact that LCD screens can easily become scratched, impacted or smudged. This can be a particular headache in a CCTV environment where a line or a stain on the screen can cover up important details of an image. Thankfully, with AG Neovo's innovative NeoV Optical Glass technology, this problem is a thing of the past. Modeled after the glass of a CRT monitor, this type of screen resists scratching and also allows smudges to be easily wiped away. Other important features of the X-W19 include analog and digital inputs, a super high contrast ratio and a metal casing for extra durability.

Brand    AG Neovo
Screen Size    19 inches
Max Screen Resolution    1440 x 900
Item Weight    5.4kg

AG Neovo X-W19 19"

SKU: DES0000227W
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