When Should You Consider A Prebuilt PC?

At Designatek we are consistently asked what are the benefits to building a pre-built machine, here is why we recommend going this route:

1. You don’t have to worry about compatibility between components, systems are spec’d correctly, tested, and guaranteed to work.

2. If you haven’t got the time to learn the building process, a prebuilt PC takes the stress away, ready to go straight out of the box

3. Current global stock issues plaguing the tech market make it harder than ever before to get some crucial components

4. If you face any hardware issues, you have the option to send them back to the manufacturer to fix

Additionally prebuilt gaming PCs come with warranties, protecting your investment for at least a year. Some of the best gaming PCs will often come with additional items, such as a keyboard and mouse, however, these are often entry-level peripherals that you will need to upgrade at some point. Prebuilt PCs come with Windows 10 pre-installed

Contact Designatek to see how we can assist you with your Prebuild.

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