Looking to buy an Asus laptop?

Having tested the ASUS LAPTOP A9 9425 to see if it would cater to my work requirements, I can wholeheartedly state that when it comes to buying a laptop, Asus as a manufacturer of laptops stands tall on almost every level - be it the durability of the hardware components installed(the hinges of the screen, the plastic quality, the tactility of keyboard, etc., feel more robust and well put together), be it their warranty terms and conditions, be it the cost and ease of availability of their after-sales service.

For a model that boasts 8GB DDR4 Ram and 256GB of SSD storage and even has USB Type-C connectivity all going for under R7,000.00, you wont get a better bargain than this right now.

I have yet to test an Asus laptop that has let me down and this one merely continues the trend.

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